Syrian Arab Republic: IDP Movements (August 2020) [EN/TR]


In August 2020, the humanitarian community tracked about 41,000 IDP movements across Syria, with a thirty percent decrease compared to the previous month. During this month, the vast majority of the IDP movements were concentrated in northwest Syria with 88 percent occurring within and between Aleppo and Idlib governorates, similar to patterns observed in previous months. At the sub-district level, Atareb sub-district in Aleppo governorate and Dana subdistrict in Idleb governorate received around five and four thousand IDP movements respectively while Maaret Tamsrin sub-district in Idleb governorate and Afrin and A’zaz subdistricts in Aleppo governorate received around two thousand IDP movements each. Moreover, more than one thousand IDP movements were recorded to have arrived in Sharan sub-district in Aleppo and Ariha sub-district in Idleb governorate.

At the community level, Hama town received the largest amount of IDP movements (nine hundred) this month, while Batbu and Afrin towns in Aleppo and Sarmada and Harim towns in Idleb governorate received eight hundred IDP movements each. Moreover, Kelly town in Idleb governorate and, Shmarekh, Abin Samaan and Atareb towns in Aleppo governorates received more than seven hundred IDP movements each in August. These movements were generally not due to conflict, but local factors such as access to livelihoods, better services, or economic issues. This is despite a trend of somewhat increased levels of hostilities along the frontlines in southern Idleb and western Aleppo governorates, including some airstrikes, with shelling largely focused on areas south of the M4.


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