Syrian Arab Republic: Idleb Situation Report No. 2 (7-14 April 2015)



  • The humanitarian community remains extremely concerned about the protection of civilians given reports of intense fighting, shelling and aerial bombardment of Idleb city and surrounding areas. There are unconfirmed reports of 1,500 people injured in the past week.

  • At least 101,800 people have been displaced as a result of the fighting in the last three weeks, including 20,0001 to Government-controlled areas and almost 81,8002 into areas controlled by Non-State Armed Groups, with some sources reporting higher figures. Many families are now being displaced a second time.

  • Satellite imagery confirms reports by local sources of widespread damage to civilian infrastructure in Idleb city, including schools and hospitals.

  • All three Ministry of Health-run public hospitals in Idleb governorate which were operating before the escalation of violent conflict on 26 March are no longer functional or accessible. All pharmaceutical warehouses have been destroyed.

  • Around 90 per cent of schools in Idleb city have stopped functioning due to violent conflict.

  • Lack of access due to the prevailing security situation continues to significantly hamper tracking of population movement, safe registration of IDPs, identification of life-saving needs and provision of humanitarian assistance.

  • The Humanitarian Pooled Fund’s (HPF)3 Emergency Reserve Pooled fund allocation has been finalized with project implementation set to begin on April 20.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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