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Syrian Arab Republic: Cross-Border Humanitarian Reach and Activities from Turkey (November-2019) [EN/AR]

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Shelling and airstrikes gradually increased during the month of November 2019, focusing on Kafr Nobol, Ehsem, Tamanaah, Heish and Ma’arrat An Nu’man sub-districts in southern Idleb governorate and on Jisr-ash-Shugur district in western Idleb governorate. Increasing intensity of hostilities were reported in south-east Ma’arrat An Nu’man, a major population center in southern Idleb. An estimated population of 163,800 people were present in the area Ma’arrat An Nu’man and surrounding areas.

Throughout November, IED and landmine explosions continued to be prolific, killing tens of civilians and injuring tens more in Aleppo, Idleb and Hama governorates. In November, some 63,000 individuals from Idleb governorate and some 8,600 individuals from Aleppo governorate were displaced, while some 1,860 IDPs arrived to Aleppo governorate from Ar-Raqqa and Al-Hasakeh governorates. This includes secondary displacements, as many civilians were displaced multiple times within the same area.

In Idleb governorate, heavy rainfall and flooding blocked roads and caused material damage to IDP camps, including to tents. This also caused schools in the IDP camps to be suspended, while in some parts of Idleb governorate schooling was suspended due to hostilities, including in Ma’arrat An Nu’man, Ariha, Jisr-ash-Shugur and Kafr Owied. Airstrikes reportedly damaged several schools, hospitals and bakeries in Idleb governorate, negatively impacting tens of thousands of civilians who rely on their services. Some 70,000 students were reportedly affected by the suspension of education activities across Idleb governorate.

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