Syrian Arab Republic: Aleppo - Situation Report No. 7 (14 December 2016) [EN/AR]

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 14 Dec 2016


  • As of 13 December, only Seif Dawleh, Salah Eddin, and pockets of Al Sokari, Mashad, and Al Amriyeh, remain under NSAG control. No information is available as to how many people remain in NSAG held territory.

  • Since 27 November, at least 39,250 IDPs have arrived to collective shelter facilities in areas under GoS control. Two thirds of them have since left for other locations.

  • Some 9,600 IDPs were registered in Hanano and surroundings, and some 16,500 are residing with relatives in west Aleppo. Close to 7,000 people left the shelters for unknown locations.

  • The number of people remaining in areas that recently came under GoS control is unknown. The UN continue to advocate for access to the areas to assess needs and provide humanitarian assistance.

Situation Overview

On 13 December, only Seif Dawleh, Salah Eddin, and pockets of Al Sokari, Mashad, and Al Amriyeh, remained under NSAG control. These areas constitute a mere 5 per cent of former east Aleppo.

There is no information available how many people may remain in the areas still under NSAG control and who can be evacuated. The UN stress that humanitarian assistance needs to be provided to those who remain in east Aleppo, and that those wishing to leave are provided with an opportunity to do so. It remains unknown how many people stayed in areas that recently came under GoS control, however, Russian food kitchens are reportedly present in some of the areas, suggesting a civilian presence and a need for humanitarian assistance. The United Nations continue to request for access to these areas to conduct needs assessments and provide the assistance required.

From 12 to 13 December, at least 1,950 IDPs from East Aleppo arrived at the Mahalej collective shelter. As of 13 December, an estimated total of 6,000 people remain in Mahalej where still no functioning registration system has been put in place to track arrivals and departures. During the last UN mission to Mahalej on 13 December, many IDPs were observed leaving the collective shelter, some of them right after arrival.

A total of 6,200 IDPs remain in Jibreen collective shelter. Registration efforts that are currently ongoing in the Hanano housing area and surrounding neighborhoods, indicating that 9,600 IDPs are staying in the area, while a little over 16,500 individuals were registered as sheltering with relatives and acquaintances in west Aleppo and southern rural Aleppo. The exact location of an estimated 7,000 IDPs from east Aleppo who temporarily sheltered in Mahalej and since moved on but were not registered in Hanano or west Aleppo is unknown.

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