Syrian Arab Republic: Al-Rashidin, Aleppo Flash Update No. 1 (16 April 2017)

from World Health Organization, Health Cluster
Published on 16 Apr 2017 View Original


• On 15 April, an explosion hit convoy with evacuees from Al-Foah and Kefraya waiting at transit point in Al-Rashidin, Aleppo, resulting in killing around 100 people and injuring 275 people, including five paramedics

Situation Overview

On 14 April, parties to the conflict has reached an agreement to evacuate people from besieged towns of Al-Foah and Kefraya in Idleb, and Madaya and Zabadani in rural Damascus (so called Four Towns). According to the Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) statement Al-Foah and Kefraya is expected to be fully evacuated in the following 2 months, with estimated 8,000 people to leave the city. Also 3,200 people will leave Madaya and Zabadani, 1,000 people – Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, 1,000 people will be released from government jails and 50 families from Zabadani – from Hezbollah jails.

On 15 April, buses carrying around 5,000 evacuees from Al-Foah and Kefraya were waiting at the outskirts of Aleppo to enter the city. Reportedly around afternoon a vehicle-based improvised explosive device was set off in the transit area, killing around 100 and injuring 275 people.

Humanitarian Needs and Response

Civil defense teams and Health Cluster partners, namely UOSSM, SAMS, SRD, IKHLAS, AHD, Saed, AHF, Homs Medical Office, Balsam, Syria Charity, RAF, Shafak, SARC and IHH, carried out the first response operations, and wounded were transported for treatment to Aleppo and Idleb hospitals

Out of 275 wounded (including 58 children) 77 cases were admitted to Thawed Alkarameh hospital, 49 cases – to Alatareb hospital, 25 cases – to Audai (Saraqeb) hospital, 8 cases– to Aqrabat hospital and other 2 cases are in Alkinaneh hospital. 1141 cases are treated in Bab-Alhawa hospital, which also receives patients from other hospitals after been provided with immediate medical care. Some 30 cases were referred for treatment to Turkey.