Syria: WoS - Health Sector/Cluster Response Plan 2016


WoS - Health Sector Strategic Objectives 2016
The Whole of Syria Health SectorCluster presented the health sector strategic response plan at the Humanitarian Response Plan HRP workshop in early November. The response plan focuses on three key objectives.

Objective 1: To provide life-saving and life-sustaining humanitarian health assistance to affected populations.
Highlighted activity: Provide critical support to the Expanded Program on Immunization EPI to boost vaccination coverage up to required levels.

Objective 2: To strengthen health sector coordination and health information systems to improve the life-saving health response for people in need, with an emphasis on enhancing protection and increasing access to health services.
Highlighted activity: Due to the dynamic nature of the conict and high risk of outbreaks of diseases, coordination structures will focus on joint contingency and preparedness planning for disease outbreaks such as Cholera and response to changing conict dynamics across the five hubs.

Objective 3: To support community resilience, institutional and response capacity by empowering national actors and communities.
Highlighted activity: Activities will focus on increasing the size and capacity of the health workforce and strengthening partnerships with national non-governmental organizations.