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Syria: UNRWA - Progress Highlights January - June 2020


Context Update:

Dera’a: On the evening of 28 February, two Palestine refugees were killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) while walking back to their home in Dera’a camp.

Tension between government forces and non-state armed groups has mounted in Dera’a governorate, with reconciliation agreements being increasingly fragile. On 19 March, an UNRWA staff member was killed following an outbreak of armed violence in Jillin rural Dera’a; the same incident claimed the lives of a 13 year-old UNRWA student, together with his 10 year-old cousin.

Yarmouk camp: The largest and once most populated camp for Palestine refugees in Syria remains in ruins. A reorganizational plan was announced in June 2020 by authorities stating that Yarmouk camp will be divided into three areas. Around 57,000 petitions were submitted by former residents to contest the plan. No formal announcement has been made since then by authorities, making it difficult to predict future developments.

Homs camp: On 1 May, the UNRWA Al Shajara School in Homs Palestine refugee camp was hit by shrapnel from an explosion nearby outside the camp, causing damage to the roof of at least one of its classrooms. The school was empty at the time of the incident, as were all 103 UNRWA schools across Syria, due to measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ein el Tal camp: A small number of extremely vulnerable families has returned to the camp; however, basic infrastructure, including water supply and electricity, has not been restored, impeding the majority of Palestine refugee families from returning and delaying plans for the rehabilitation of UNRWA facilities.