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Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, September & October 2021


Market Research for UNRWA Technical and Vocational Education Training Programme

UNRWA conducted a market research to assess the needs and trends of available work field at local job market in Syria and needs for the subject of vocational training, and eventually to articulate a set of suggestions to improve trainings and methods at DTC to match the needs of trainees and employers. The market research mainly recommends a continuous development of courses and curricula, that reflect the changing needs of the local labor market, establishing career counseling section that is familiar with local needs and can assess and support trainees to find suitable jobs through connecting them with companies in addition to securing job placements for distinguished trainees.

Increase in number of confirmed cases of COVID-19

The situation in Syria remains increasingly concerning. Official numbers of new cases continued to increase over the period in October. The Syrian Government team reiterated the request for public bodies to adhere to procedures related to the mitigation of the spread of the virus. It was asked to secure sterilization supplies and face masks for workers. Mobile teams were also assigned to visit ministries and public bodies to offer COVID-19 vaccines for workers. As a part of the UN vaccination campaign for the COVID-19 during the month of October, the UNRWA vaccination teams provided 3,210 doses of the vaccines (AstraZeneca and johnson and johnson) to the UN and UNRWA staff and their dependents. The vaccine is provided at six main health care centers in the field and at mobile clinics. The percentage of vaccinated UNRWA staff remains low. UNRWA announced an ongoing awareness campaign about COVID-19 and its vaccines. The campaign is targeting the UNRWA staff and Palestine refugees to improve the acceptance of the vaccination and improve their understanding of the protection measures. During the months of September and October, the health department referred 577 staff and refuges to the COVID PCR test, 227 of the tested cases were positive. Medication and follow-up were provided to all cases as needed.