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Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, November & December 2021


UNRWA Conducts a Humanitarian Mission to Yarmouk

From 5-7 and 9 December 2021, UNRWA conducted an extended humanitarian 908 micronance loans mission to Yarmouk camp. 2,886 food baskets with wheat our were distributed to 784 Palestine refugee families who are currently living in Yarmouk camp. The mission was carried out at a critical time, when vulnerability of Palestine refugees has been deeply compounded by socio-economic implications and by the COVID-19 crisis with new variants. In addition, UNRWA continues to provide health and emergency services in the camp, as well as transportation for school children. Furthermore, UNRWA has obtained daily access to the camp for reconstruction/rehabilitation of UNRWA facilities and for a rapid assessment of houses.


The situation in Syria continues to be very concerned, even if the number of daily cases has slightly decreased, because vaccine coverage for the population in Syria remains below 10 percent. Humanitarian experts warned that the COVID-19 crisis is likely to worsen in the winter, especially with a new variant. UNRWA health clinics conducted awareness campaigns (one session per week) during November and December about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine. There were 894 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among Palestine refugees, including nine deaths, since the beginning of the pandemic. UNRWA vaccinated 4,277 persons from UN staff and their dependents. In November, WHO announced that Syria has received over 1.3 million doses of Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine doses through the COVAX facility and UNRWA will receive 40,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to be given to Palestine refugees in the coming days.