Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, May 2018

The month of May witnessed violent fighting in Yarmouk and Hajar Al-Aswad in southern Damascus, as Syrian government forces intensified military operations against non-state armed groups (NSAGs), including ISIS, in the area since 19 April. The remaining number of Palestine refugees (about 6,000) who had stayed in Yarmouk camp until the beginning of the military operations were displaced to neighbouring Yalda, and to a lesser extent to Qadam, leaving the camp almost completely void of residents. Incidents of killing and injuries were reported as people attempted the risky journey toward Yalda through the Ouroba checkpoint. On 21 May 2018, the Government of Syria announced full control of Southern Damascus after reaching agreements with NSAGs to evacuate the area. One week later, on 28 May 2018 UNRWA emergency team was granted access to Yalda where a preliminary needs assessment was conducted.