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Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, February 2020

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Two Palestine refugees killed amidst rising tensions in the south of Syria

On the evening of 28 February, two Palestine refugees, Raghad and Laila, were killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) while walking back to their home in Dera’a camp, located in southern Syria. Raghad was just 10- years-old and her aunt Laila was 53. This shocking incident occurred amidst rising tensions in the south of Syria in recent months, marked by incidents of kidnapping, targeted killings and the use of IEDs.

Dera’a camp used to be home to some 10,500 Palestine refugees before the start of the conict in 2011. All UNRWA facilities in the camp have suered high levels of damage and nearly 90 per cent of the camp residents were displaced.