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Syria: UNRWA - Humanitarian Snapshot, December 2016

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In Khan Eshieh camp in Rif Damascus, a truce was signed between the Government of Syria and the Armed Opposition Groups at the end of November 2016. Subsequently, an inter-agency convoy was authorized to access civilians trapped in the besieged area. On 16 December, UNRWA participated in the convoy and successfully delivered food, non-food items (NFIs) and medical items to Palestine refugees trapped in the area. This is the first time since 2013 that UNRWA has had access to Khan Eshieh camp. UNRWA will continue its efforts to regain access to Khan Eshieh and other camps, including Sbeineh. The priority in this regard is re-establishing core services, including rebuilding community institutions such as schools, and addressing urgent humanitarian needs that have arisen among refugees as a result of being cut o from services for lengthy periods of time.