Syria ǀ Situation Report #1, Alouk Water Station, 25 August 2020



  • On 13 August, the Alouk water station – the main water supply for 460,000 people in Al-Hasakeh Governorate – stopped pumping water amid reports of a technical fault. This was the thirteenth time water supply from the station had been disrupted since January 2020.

  • Following intense advocacy, technical teams from the Al-Hasakeh Directorate of Water reached Alouk water station on 25 August where they carried out essential repairs to five boreholes. This followed the resumption of power from Tishrin Dam to Mabrouka and Derbasieh electricity stations on 22 August, after which nine out of 34 boreholes at Alouk water station also started producing water.

  • Following the resumption of water supply from Alouk, water reached Tal Tamer town, 40km west of Al-Hasakeh city on 22 August, and Al-Himmeh water treatment station – which serves as a collection point for onward supply to Al-Hasakeh city – on 23 August. However, due to weak pumping pressure as a result of repeated power cuts, the collection point was only half-filled and water did not reach Al-Hasakeh city. Following the repairs conducted on 25 August, however, it is expected pumping levels will increase and water will reach Al-Hasakeh city in the next 24 hours.

  • In response, WASH sector partners have increased water trucking from 300m3 per day to 1300m3 per day with an estimated 2,500m3 of water now being delivered to 250,000 people each day. On 24 August, local authorities also reportedly pumped 25,000m3 of water from 25 boreholes in Al-Himmeh water station reaching Khashman, Salhiyeh,
    Azeziyah neighbourhoods in Al-Hasakeh city.


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