Syria: Shelter Bi-Monthly, March/April 2019, Issue No.25

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Shelter Cluster
Published on 30 Apr 2019 View Original


  • The number of people in Al-Hol camp has reached 73,477 individuals, out of which 64,087 have arrived after 4th of December as a result of security situation in North-East Syria. With this high number of people as well as random installment of tents by residents, the camp capacity has been overstretched. In order to accommodate the whole population of Al-Hol camp in family tents, there is a need for 19,000 tent plots, while the camp capacity is 14,500 tent plots. Advocacy for extension of camp is taking place by humanitarian actors. Shelter sector partners have been extending various shelter support activities; to date 209 big size tents, 9 rub halls and more than 10,905 family tents have been installed.

  • A meeting between Rural Damascus governorate and UNHCR/Rural Damascus SO was held, in which the Governorate informed that families started returning to Daryaa. To-date number of already returned IDP families to Daryaa is between 200 and 400 family. Another 5,000 IDP families have received approvals to return. The Governorate encouraged partners to provide humanitarian assistance to the returnees as there is a need for all kinds of assistance, especially rehabilitation of damaged houses and infrastructures by shelter partners.

  • 3,600 individuals have left Rukban camp to Homs governorate, firstly they were accommodated in collective shelters before returning back to their areas of origin or joining relative host families mainly in Qariatien and Hesyah. Still, there are 1,200 individuals in 4 collective shelters, to which SARC has access.

  • A Technical Working Group (TWG) has been formed to revisit the “Unit Rate of Shelter Activities”. This document was drafted early 2017, and deemed by shelter partners to need update. The TWG held its meeting on the 23rd of April and came up with an updated document. The new version will be discussed in the coming shelter sector meeting for finalization and endorsement.