Syria: Rukban Humanitarian Update (As of 25 September 2019)

Situation Report
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18,787 People have left Rukban

381 People remaining in the Shelters

5 Shelters in Homs


Between 24 March and 3 September 2019, an estimated 18,787 people departed Rukban – 17,964 residents left in 26 batches towards Homs, while an estimated 823 residents left through unofficial routes. Those belonging to the former group have been temporarily accommodated in five collective shelters in Homs (Mahmoud Othman in Al-Qusour, Baraa Ibn Malek in Deir Baalba, and Abdul Rahman Shattoor, the Teachers Institute and Art Institutein Al Bayada) before making their way to destinations of choice, including areas of origin.

The majority of those departing Rukban have arrived in Industrial Hassya (2,850) and Shamsin (2,700) in southern Homs; Qaryatein (600), Forglous (620) and Mahin (600) in southeast Homs; Shin in western Homs, as well as some neighbourhoods in Homs city. The total number of families who settled in Homs governorate is currently 14,596 persons, while others have arrived in Hama (310), Lattakia (445) and Rural Damascus (320), among other locations in north-east Syria. According to field reports, those who have departed Rukban unofficially have been received in Al Bab (75) in Aleppo; at Thawra and Tell Abyad (460) in Ar-Raqqa; Deir-ez-Zor and Almaydin (265) in Deir-ez-Zor and Mahmoudli camp (23) in Ar-Raqqa – noting that Mahmoudli camp also received an estimated 432 residents from Rukban who travelled through the collective centres in Homs.

The UN has also received information about 230 Bedouins, originally from the Rukban area, who recently departed with their livestock and reached the last government-managed checkpoint. As per agreement with the Government of Syria, the group was allocated an area with grazing lands between Dummer and the Syrian desert.

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