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Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal 2021 - Fact Sheet

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Protracted displacement, deteriorating socio-economic conditions aggravated by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, dire humanitarian needs and protection concerns continue to affect the lives of Palestine refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

In Syria, the protracted conflict has devastated human security and left 91 per cent of the 438,0001 Palestine refugees estimated to remain in the country in absolute poverty2 and 40 per cent displaced. In 2020, living conditions deteriorated further as a result of an economic crisis, leading to an increase in prices including of the most basic commodities.

In Lebanon and Jordan, Palestine refugees, including Palestinian refugees from Syria (PRS), are also confronted with increased hardship and vulnerability, due to long-term displacement and difficult socio-economic conditions, coupled with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Lebanon, the economic and political crisis, which started in October 2019, continues to cause rising inflation, price increases and loss of employment opportunities, pushing more people into poverty.

In 2021, UNRWA requires US$ 318 million to respond to the humanitarian needs of Palestine refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The Agency’s humanitarian response will be guided by the following three strategic priorities:

Strategic Priority 1: Preserve resilience through the provision of humanitarian assistance, ensuring that the most vulnerable refugees meet their basic needs.

Strategic Priority 2: Contribute to a protective environment for Palestine refugees by maintaining access to basic services including health; education; livelihoods; protection; and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

Strategic Priority 3: Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency programme delivery through safety and security, repair and maintenance of UNRWA installations and regional capacity and management support.