Syria Market Monitoring Exercise - Snapshot: 18-25 September 2017

from REACH Initiative
Published on 25 Sep 2017 View Original


• The most significant trend was the decrease in the medians of the cheapest chicken prices in most subdistricts. Prices have been falling across Syria since June.

• The median cheapest price of LPG increased in the south and northwest. Prices in September were the highest they have been since June and May, respectively.

• SMEB cost changes greater than 5% were observed in 35 of the 57 subdistricts with comparable data between September and August. However, no systematic trend was observed in these changes across Syria.

• No notable change was observed in the median cheapest prices of most food items, including oil, ghee, sugar, tea and most grains.

• The median exchange rates for USD/SYP decreased by 2.25%, JOD/SYP decreased by 1.34% and TRY/SYP decreased by 1.17% across assessed areas.

• Shortages of chicken and potatoes were reported in multiple communities in Eastern Ghouta. Reportedly, these items have not entered through the Wafideen checkpoint since the end of August. LPG has not been widely available in Duma since May, with residents reportedly using wood and fuel processed from plastics as a substitute.