Syria Market Monitoring Exercise - Snapshot: 13-21 November 2017



  • The most significant trend in November was the continued increase in prices in besieged areas, where food items were an order of magnitude more expensive than non-besieged regions.

  • The Syrian pound continued to strengthen in November, with the median exchange rate collected during the week of data collection at 484 SYP/USD, a 6 SYP increase from October. Reports indicate that after the data collection period, a large drop in the exchange rate was observed and attributed to changes in Syrian central bank policy. Should this decline persist, it will be visible in the December round of data collection.

  • The price of fuel items continued to decrease slightly across Syria. Across the northwest, manually refined diesel prices fell by 26 SYP to approximately 225 SYP/L; across the northeast, manually refined kerosene decreased by 25 SYP to 175 SYP/L; and across the south, manually refined petrol prices fell by 27 SYP to approximately 350 SYP/L.

  • The price of cucumbers increased by 50% to 300 SYP/kg across the northwest. While this change was not observed in other regions, increased vegetable prices are expected in the coming months due to seasonal availability.