Syria June - August 2019 Briefing

from Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust
Published on 19 Aug 2019 View Original


180,000 Teachers are no longer in service, with 40 percent of schools being damaged or destroyed and others being used to shelter displaced people. Humanitarian Needs Overview

13.2 million People in need of health assistance with 5 million intersector people in acute need. 83 percent of Syrians are living below the poverty line.
Humanitarian Needs Overview

3,913 trucks Since January 2018 have provided AID from Turkey to Syria as part of the United Nations cross-border response.
Humanitarian supplies covering numerous sectors, such as education, health and shelter, are provided by various UN agencies. Syrian Arab Republic (OCHA)

500,000 Relocation of displaced people from May 1st to July 30th. Many of these people have been displaced multiple times. Syrian Arab Republic (OCHA)


  • July 25th: President Assad is “deliberately” starving thousands of refugees. This inhumane act is occurring in the Rukban Camp, in the southern part of the country. Major Gernal Alex Grynkewich said “Assad has refused to allow the flow of United Nations-led humanitarian aid to the camp since February”. The US believes that humanitarian assistance is needed for the population at Rukban. (Foreign Policy)

  • July 26th: More than 100 people were killed in Syria air raids in the past 10 days, UN reports. The targets of attacks were “civilian objects” such as schools, markets and hospitals. The region under attack is home to 3 million people with almost half of them already displaced, covering most of the Idlib province and parts of neighbouring provinces. (Al Jazeera)

  • August 11th: The Syrian Army captures key strategic Idlib town from rebels. The regime’s threemonth campaign has killed more than 2000 people and displaced some 400,000. This has been the most significant advancement the army has made since the start of the offensive. Al-Hobeit acts as a gateway to the southern countryside of Idlib, to the main DamascusAleppo highway to the city of Khan Sheikhoun. (Reuters) (Deutsche Welle)

  • August 14th: The Syrian Army closes in on the jihadist stronghold of Khan Sheikhoun after seizing new sites in Idlib. The town is in the grip of al-Qaida-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the most powerful group in rebelheld areas. (AMN) (Washington Post)