Syria Integrated Needs Assessment - December 2013 [EN/AR/TR]



The Syria Integrated Needs Assessment (SINA) is a rapid multisectoral humanitarian assessment that aims to provide an overall description of the affected areas, population groups and needs of the people of Syria. Nearly three years of conflict, destruction and division have resulted in massive humanitarian needs across Syria. At the same time, access restrictions have progressively reduced the humanitarian space in which aid organizations operate. As a result, reaching the affected population – even just to gather information – is difficult and risky. In this context of poor information and rapidly deteriorating conditions, humanitarian agencies decided to undertake this joint assessment.

Many external factors influenced the methodology of the assessment. Given conditions in the country, 111 sub-districts were accessible in eight governorates of Syria (out of a total of 272 sub-districts in 14 governorates). This assessed area represents a convenience sample, within which the best efforts were made to collect information with minimum bias.

Information was collected through key informant interviews, direct observations in the field, secondary data review and two remote assessments. This report outlines some general findings, but these findings do not necessarily apply to areas where assessment was impossible.

The pace of the assessment process was brisk. Enumerators completed a 1.5-day training, and data collection was carried out over two weeks, followed by a week of debriefings. Secondary data analysis also took place during the data collection period with a separate team, and informed the debriefing process and final report.

To analyse findings, sectors completed sector-specific analysis, which was complemented by a cross-sectoral analysis conducted through the SINA Working Group.

This report is intended to inform operational decisions, highlight areas for deeper analysis and provide information to make funding decisions.