Syria - IDP Situation Monitoring Initiative (ISMI): Quarterly Trends Analysis of Displacement in Northern Syria, July - September 2018

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Key Findings

Communities Assessed: 660
Total IDP Arrivals: 134,578
Total IDP Departures: 184,633

Summary of Findings

Idleb and Surrounding Areas

Assessed communities in Idleb and surrounding areas witnessed a total of 102,452 IDP arrivals between 1 July and 30 September 2018. Many IDP movements were reportedly cross-line displacements from previously opposition-held areas in Dar’a and Quneitra governorates in southern Syria following relocation agreements in July. Total IDP arrivals increased throughout the reporting period with the majority arriving in September (50,917). This is likely due to a significant intensification of aerial bombardments during the first half of September. Overall, on a sub-district level, Dana had the highest number of reported IDP arrivals (30,373), while Madiq Castle had the highest reported number of IDP departures (35,164).

Northern Aleppo Region

In parallel, assessed communities in northern Aleppo governorate witnessed 32,126 IDP arrivals, 38% of whom arrived in September.
Overall, many IDPs (36%) reportedly arrived from within the northern Aleppo region, the majority of whom reported shelter as their top priority need.