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Syria Humanitarian Response, Issue 19

Situation Report
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Situational overview

Palestine refugees and Syrians alike continue to face grave humanitarian challenges due to the armed conflict in Syria. An escalation this week has further compounded humanitarian needs and displacement, particularly in the areas of Aleppo and Damascus/Rif Damascus.

Based on field assessments in Syria, UNRWA estimates that the refugee population in need has surpassed the planning figure on which UNRWA's Regional Syria Humanitarian Response Plan was based (225,000), and now stands at over 300,000 Palestine refugees in Syria; three quarters of the population.

Currently, a total of 1,900 registered Palestine refugees have fled Syria for Jordan. The number of Palestine refugees from Syria who have approached UNRWA in Lebanon for assistance is estimated to be 9,666 (2,248 households).

UNRWA has received requests for emergency cash assistance from over 59,000 households in Syria, with projections that the current rate of requests may well approach 100,000 by the end of the year. UNRWA anticipates that its available resources for cash assistance will be exhausted by January 2013.

There are growing concerns over the immediate winter needs of vulnerable Palestine refugees in Syria, and those who have fled to Jordan and Lebanon. Blankets, quilts, heating fuel, and warm clothes are desperately needed to help protect vulnerable groups from winter-related illness and exposure to the cold. Palestine refugees whose homes have been damaged are particularly vulnerable, as they lack adequate shelter during the winter months.