Syria Humanitarian Dashboard, 2 November 2012

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 02 Nov 2012

Crisis Description

  • Recent trends: The security situation deteriorates as conflict has spread across to large parts of the country, including heavily populated areas. Increasing numbers of people are displaced both internally and across borders. The number of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and North Africa continues to increase, reaching over 360,000. As winter approaches, vulnerabilities of affected people are likely to increase.

  • Impact: The violence has led to the killing of thousands of men, women and children, some deliberately targeted, whilst others have been killed due to the use of explosive weapons. Countless homes, clinics hospitals and other essential infrastructure such as water and sanitation systems have been destroyed or severely damaged. Large-scale displacement is resulting in over-crowded shelters. Host communities’ capacity to support is overstretched. Violence makes it difficult for people to have access to water, food and health care.

  • Response: Despite the increasing insecurity, humanitarian assistance continues to reach more people every month. The United Nations is enhancing partnerships with local nongovernmental and community based organizations in order to access all conflict affected areas.

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