Syria: Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 9, 15-28 September 2012 [EN/AR]


  • Violence across large parts of the country leaves growing number of people in need of assistance.
  • Reduction of bureaucratic obstacles necessary for efficient aid delivery.
  • The number of refugees in neighbouring countries could increase from more than 300,000 to 710,000 by end of year.
  • Underfunding remains key constraint in aid effort.


  • 348 million requested by the UN for activities inside Syria
  • 130 million (38%) received for UN activities inside Syria
  • 488 million requested under the regional refugee response plan
  • 142 million (29%) received for the regional refugee response plan


  • 2.5 million in need of assistance.
  • 1.2 million IDPs in public buildings.
  • More than 304,000 registered refugees in neighbouring countries.
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