Syria Hub Shelter Sector - Quarter 1 2021

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▪ 2021 HNO: 13.4 million people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance with 5.88 million people in need of shelter support; a 4% increase from 2020.

▪ Mapping of Collective Centers and Sites: the sector is working on updating the Collective Centers Map to track the needs.


▪ Strategy: The sector updated its annual strategy to reflect recent challenges related to the economic situation, COVID-19 and the need for holistic response and expected return.

▪ Guidelines: The sector developed 9 guidelines; 5 are for the key shelter activities, 2 are related to COVID mitigation measures, in addition to general recommendations and updated pricing.

▪ Identification of New Responses: through a TWG, the Sector defined the framework for “Rehabilitation of Community Infrastructure” to include projects related to access, basic community services and governance facilities. The sector is working with MoLAE to identify the relevant authorities.

▪ 2021 HRP: Shelter partners have received regular updates on the 2021 HRP with all needed guidance to support planning.

▪ Cross-Sector Coordination: Shelter sector is working with GBV and Mine Action Sub-sectors to explore synergies between their work and shelter response.


▪ Significant fluctuation in prices and deteriorated economic status resulting in decreasing the scope and/or target of shelter projects.

▪ Diminishing coping capacities of both IDPs and host communities as well as limited financial resources of government and sector partners are leading to an increase in shelter needs.

▪ COVID-19 related restrictions and emerging need to provide higher standards for spaces and WASH facilities increase the cost and duration for shelter projects.

▪ Lengthy process for obtaining official approval for shelter projects.

▪ Opportunities for systematic field-based data collection remain limited due to access restrictions, resulting in incomplete needs analysis in some areas.