Syria: Health Sector | Syria Hub - Flash Update | Monitoring violence against healthcare, Flash Update #19, Date: 15/05/2017


Location Syrian Arab Republic, Rural Damascus, Duma, Bteihet Al-Wafidin

HF Name & Type Ibn Sina Psychiatric hospital (MoH)

Incident The hospital was reportedly attacked by some mortars

Prior Health Facility condition

Partially damaged, and partially functioning, The hospital was also previously hit by some mortars last few days, and in March 2017 without major damages


The attack reportedly has resulted in :

  • Some departments of the hospital are partially damaged

  • 4 female patients died,17 patients and one nurse were injured because of the shelling

  • The hospital is now without electricity and water

  • Authorities are discussing the possibility of evacuating the patient to a safe place but they cannot do this right now

Source of information WHO Focal Points

Photos/videos available -

Additional Information Ibn Sina Psychiatric hospital is a specialized hospital for mental health with inpatient capacity 467 actual beds