Syria Flash Update on Aleppo, Idleb, and Dar'a - 25 February 2016

News and Press Release
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This update is based on information from the UNHCR co-led Sectors/Clusters of CCCM, Shelter/NFI and Protection, and reflects recent displacement occurring in northern and southern Syria.


  • Displacement in affected areas of Aleppo and Idleb governorates (as at 22 February) due to fighting since 1 February 2016:

o 75,175 people newly displaced since 1 February.

  • Displacement in affected areas of Dar’a Governorate (as at 9 February) due to fighting since November 2015:

o Around 43,000 newly displaced due to fighting since November 2015.


  • In northern Syria, there have been 63,702 newly displaced persons in Aleppo Governorate since 1 February, and 11,473 newly displaced in Idleb Governorate since 1 February (figures as at 22 February).

  • In southern Syria, of the total 43,000 IDPs displaced (figures as at 9 February) by fighting in Dar’a Governorate since November 2015, around 32,000 are in the west and 11,000 are in the east of the Governorate.

  • In addition, according to Government of Jordan sources there are now 27,100 Syrian asylum-seekers at the berm, the vast majority (25,000) of them located at Rukban and the other 2,100 located at Hadalat (figures as at 21 February).
    As of 25 February, UNHCR has registered 2,063 of the individuals at Hadalat and 18,987 of those at Rukban.


  • Clashes continued between the Government of Syria (GoS) and ISIS around Khanaser, a strategic town southeast of Aleppo, where ISIS has reportedly cut the main land route to the city from Damascus. A Government military source denied reports that Khanaser had fallen to ISIS, saying that the road was closed as a result of military operations.

  • Opposition rebels continue to lose ground to GoS forces in the northern Aleppo countryside. Two opposition sources credited ISIS attacks on the Government’s supply road with relieving pressure on them around Aleppo.

  • The GoS reported advances towards Raqqa, building on gains made earlier this month.


  • Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) and Shelter/NFI (SNFI) Cluster members have reported on their pre-positioned NFI stocks across the Whole of Syria. These include mattresses/sleeping mats to cover more than 292,000 households, blankets for more than 173,000 households, plastic sheets for over 146,000 households, kitchen sets for over 123,000 households, and jerry cans for over 117,000 households. Beyond these five key/standard NFI kit numbers, a significant amount of other items such as sanitary kits, clothing, and solar lamps are also pre-positioned.

  • The CCCM and SNFI Clusters in northern Syria are finalizing the review of the proposals under the Humanitarian Pooled Fund (HPF) emergency allocation. The two Clusters were allocated USD 7 million (USD 4 million for CCCM and USD 3 million for SNFI). Nine proposals (five CCCM and four shelter) were selected and will be cleared today for final endorsement.

  • CCCM Cluster members mobilized an additional 10,500 food rations (3,500 ready-to-eat meals and 7,000 regular baskets) to the IDPs in the informal settlement in northern A’zaz.