Syria Flash update on Aleppo, Idleb and Dar’a - 8 March 2016

News and Press Release
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This update is based on information from the UNHCR co-led Sectors/Clusters of CCCM, Shelter/NFI and Protection, and reflects recent displacement occurring in northern and southern Syria.


  • Displacement in affected areas of Aleppo and Idleb governorates (as of 29 February) due to fighting since 1 February 2016:

    o 75,775 people newly displaced since 1 February.

  • Displacement in affected areas of southern Syria (as of 25 February) due to fighting since November 2015:

    o Around 53,540 newly displaced due to fighting since November 2015

  • Around 8,150 IDPs were identified due to recent fighting in Al-Hasakeh city and nearby villages.


  • In northern Syria, there have been 63,752 newly displaced persons in Aleppo Governorate since 1 February, and 12,023 newly displaced in Idleb Governorate since 1 February (figures as of 29 February).

  • In southern Syria, the overall number of displaced is 53,540 people (figures as of 25 February).

  • The number of newly displaced has reportedly remained relatively stable since late February.

  • According to Government of Jordan sources, there are 35,000 Syrian asylum-seekers at the berm (figures as of 2 March).

  • As of 6 March, UNHCR has registered 22,895 of the individuals at Rukban and 3,060 of those at Hadalat. Of those located at Rukban, 58 per cent are from Homs, around 28 per cent are from Aleppo, and around 7 per cent are from Ar-Raqqa. Of those located at Hadalat, nearly 39 per cent are from Dar’a, 33 per cent are from Homs, and nearly 16 per cent are from Rural Damascus.


  • A Syrian or Russian air strike was reported to have killed at least 19 people at a market in Idleb province on 7 March, straining the cessation of hostilities agreement which came into place 11 days ago.

  • The southern Turkish town of Kilis was hit by eight rockets on 8 March. One rocket reportedly landed in an area near Kilis hospital and a residential area near a high school was also hit. 

  • The Syrian Kurdish YPG has accused Turkey of shelling Kurdish forces in Aleppo. Earlier this week, the Russian Defense Ministry had also accused Turkey of violating the cessation of hostilities in the provinces of Aleppo and Idleb.


No new developments.

Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)

  • The CCCM Cluster in northern Syria conducted a joint meeting with the Health and Nutrition clusters to discuss the health situation in the IDPs sites located in northern A’zaz (near the Turkish border). The meeting was attended by national and international NGOs who are provide health and nutrition services in A’zaz district. Meeting participants found that basic health and nutrition services are well covered and the majority of IDPs are able to access services through existing primary health care centers and nearby hospitals.

  • CCCM Cluster members reported approximately 1,000 new arrivals in the IDP sites in northern Syria. The new IDPs are mainly secondary displacements from A’zaz town (Aleppo Governorate) and its surroundings. As the weather conditions improve, the number of people arriving to the IDP sites is expected to increase.

  • Among the newly displaced IDPs from Aleppo to Deir Hassan (Idleb Governorate), three leishmaniasis cases were reported among children.

Shelter/Non Food Items (SNFI)

  • The SNFI Technical Working Group in northern Syria has finalized the Emergency Shelter Kit paper. The new standard has been endorsed by the Cluster and will be used as a reference for the cross-border operation.