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Syria Flash update on Aleppo, Idleb and Dar’a - 6 March 2016

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 Displacement in affected areas of Aleppo and Idleb governorates (as of 29 February) due to fighting since 1 February 2016:

o 75,775 people newly displaced since 1 February.

 Displacement in affected areas of southern Syria (as of 25 February) due to fighting since November 2015:

o Around 53,540 newly displaced due to fighting since November 2015 MAIN NEW


 In northern Syria, there have been 63,752 newly displaced persons in Aleppo Governorate since 1 February, and 12,023 newly displaced in Idleb Governorate since 1 February (figures as of 29 February).

 In southern Syria, the overall number of displaced is 53,540 people (figures as of 25 February). The number of newly displaced has reportedly remained relatively stable since late February.

 According to Government of Jordan sources, there are 35,000 Syrian asylum-seekers at the berm (figures as of 2 March). Given their status, UNHCR Jordan is leading the protection and assistance within its refugee mandate with full participation of the inter-agency partners.


 The Syrian government and opposition have accused each other of breaching the cessation agreement which came into force over a week ago on 27 February, but international observers have reported a general decline in violence and air strikes.

 Preparations are underway for another convoy to deliver food, nutrition and health items to three towns in the subdistrict of Kafr Batna (Beit Sawa, Jisreen and Hamoryah), in Rural Damascus.


 The CCCM Cluster in northern Syria has finalized a gap analysis exercise in the IDP site at Al Haramain, which is the site that has received the highest number of IDPs (6,600) since 1 February. The findings show that water and hygiene needs, as well as some NFIs, such as plastic sheets, floor mats and jerry cans are well covered. The main gaps are blankets (only 60 per cent of needs covered), mattresses (48 per cent covered) and tents (52 per cent covered). Gap analysis exercises for the other existing IDP sites are being finalized.

 CCCM Cluster members in northern Syria also conducted a rapid ‘go-and-see’ assessment to Daret Izza in order to verify the IDP numbers after recent airstrikes on the city. According to preliminary findings, there are about 1,000 IDP households, or 6,000 individuals, in the city of Daret Izza. Some 1,300 households are estimated to have fled the city in the past week to western Aleppo. The majority of the IDPs in Daret Izza are hosted in collective centers (mosques and schools) while others live with hosting families and in rented accommodation.