Syria Flash update on Aleppo, Idleb and Dar’a - 1 March 2016


This update is based on information from the UNHCR co-led Sectors/Clusters of CCCM, Shelter/NFI and Protection, and reflects recent displacement occurring in northern and southern Syria.


  • Displacement in affected areas of Aleppo and Idleb governorates (as at 22 February) due to fighting since 1 February 2016: o 75,175 people newly displaced since 1 February.

  • Displacement in affected areas of southern Syria (as at 25 February) due to fighting since November 2015:

o Around 53,540 newly displaced due to fighting since November 2015.


  • In northern Syria, there have been 63,702 newly displaced persons in Aleppo Governorate since 1 February, and 11,473 newly displaced in Idleb Governorate since 1 February (figures as at 22 February).

  • In southern Syria, the overall number of displaced is 53,540 people (figures as at 25 February), an increase from 43,000 just two weeks ago.

  • In addition, according to Government of Jordan sources there are now 27,100 Syrian asylum-seekers at the berm, the vast majority of them located at Rukban (figures as at 21 February). As of 28 February, UNHCR has registered 2,433 of the individuals at Hadalat and 19,910 of those at Rukban.


  • The cessation of hostilities agreement has entered its fourth day, with growing accusations of violations, yet with an overall decline in violence and air strikes.

  • UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura has announced that the next round of peace talks, which were scheduled for 7 March, will be delayed to 9 March.

  • An inter-agency convoy delivered aid to Moadamiya on 29 February, reaching over 40,000 people with NFIs, health supplies and hygiene items.

  • Written approval for the proposed convoy to Al Waer with hygiene kits, winter clothes and plastic sheets. Supplies are ready to be loaded, and trucks are ready to move as soon as the facilitation letters are signed.


  • No new developments.