Syria: Flash Update 1 - Az-Zabdani, Madaya, Bqine, Foah, Kafraya Operation, 20 October 2015



  • Three convoys departed to deliver humanitarian assistance from Damascus to Az-Zabdani and Madaya/Bqine, and simultaneously from Turkey to Foah and Kafraya.

  • 20,000 beneficiaries were served in Az-Zabdani,
    Madaya, and Bqine by UN agencies, ICRC and SARC.

  • 10,000 beneficiaries were served in Foah and Kafraya through a cross-border delivery from Turkey under the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 2165 / 2191 and delivered by SARC Idleb.

  • Humanitarian assistance was composed of health, food, nutrition, NFIs and WASH supplies.

Situation Overview

On 22 September a conditional ceasefire agreement was signed for the areas of Az-Zabdani, Madaya,
Foah and Kafraya and surrounding areas, after months of escalating violence.

The ceasefire agreement stipulates the provision of humanitarian assistance, evacuation of the critically injured, evacuation of civilians, safe passage of combatants, exchange of prisoners and the release of detainees.
The agreement states that its terms should be implemented "under the patronage and with the supervision and presence of the UN."

The first phase of the ceasefire agreement allowed for the provision of humanitarian assistance in the four main towns and some surrounding areas, where urgent life-saving needs are reported.


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