Syria Fire Incidents: Analysis of Fire Outbreaks Across Syria - September-October 2020

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  • As of 18th October 2020, a grand total of approximately 30,000 hectares of agricultural and forested land across NW Syria is estimated to have been burned during the wildfire incidents in the period September 1st to October 15th, 2020.

  • Satellite imagery clearly depicts a pattern to these fires, and it seems evident that many fires were clustered in few specific areas; some of these areas were very extensive especially in Lattakia governorate.

Background Information

It has been reported in the past few years that some areas in the North-West part of Syria have been affected by fire events.
The portion of territory affected encompasses Lattakia, Tartous and part of Hama; this is an area relatively less affected by the conflict and where several natural types of land cover can be found.
In the past years and especially in 2019 concerns have been expressed with regards to frequent fire events during this time of the year. The causes of these frequent fires are still unknown and WFP awaits more official information from the government on this.