Syria: EWARS Weekly Bulletin, Week No. 45: 4 - 10 November 2012

Situation Report
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- Two suspected measles cases were reported in week 45 (in Sweda & Damascus governorate). The lab result for the case reported in Sweda was positive and it was a post-vaccination case, while the lab result for the second suspected case, reported in Damascus, was negative.
- 31 cases of Hepatitis A were reported from one district in Edleb (Altadribi center). Relevant and necessary response measures were taken.

The Response
- The result of the blood sample collected from the first suspected measles case (a boy, 13 months), reported from Alsweda governorate /Alqraya district was positive, and it has been found as a post-vaccination case since the child was vaccinated 10 days prior to the rash symptom. Regarding the second suspected measles case (a boy of 14 months), the result of the blood sample that was reported in Damascus, was negative.
- In response to the detected Hepatitis cases, relevant procedures were taken (proper case management, raising hygienic awareness, and water chlorination in the affected areas).
- Four cases of dog bites were reported in the cell of “other diseases” (Shin district, Homs); the cases were referred to rabies treatment center for proper management and follow-up.
- Treatment and follow-up was provided for the Leishmaniasis cases.