Syria: East Ghouta - Humanitarian Update, Facts and Figures - 22 April 2018

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Key Concerns:

ACCESS CONSTRAINTS: The UN faces severe access constraints to East Ghouta.

  • Since 15 March, the UN has not been able to reach Duma with life-saving assistance.

  • Since 3 April, the UN has not been given permission to carry out an inter-agency needs assessment mission to Saqba, Kafr Batna and Hammouriya in east Ghouta.

OVERCROWDING: Despite departures from the sites, most remain overcrowded, hosting on average twice as many IDPs in the facilities as their intended capacity permits.

EXIT PROCEDURES FROM THE SITES: Requirements for IDPs to exit the sites are unevenly applied at different sites. The system has no provisions for men between 15 and 55 to leave, and some females eligible for departure indicated they did not wish to leave until their male relatives, oftentimes the family’s only breadwinner(s), could come with them.

UN Humanitarian Assistance:

The UN and humanitarian partners continue to scale-up the response to IDPs from East Ghouta in sites, while also supporting some partners active inside East Ghouta. Some selected highlights of the response include:

FOOD Some 49,500 ready-to-eat rations and canned food rations were provided to IDPs

HEALTH Around 22,000 outpatient medical consultations are provided on a daily basis;
Three primary health care centers were opened in Saqba, Hazzeh and Ain Tarma; medical teams reach several locations inside East Ghouta.

NUTRITION Support is provided to the DoH Rural Damascus to extend health and nutrition services, including treatment for malnutrition, to the population inside East Ghouta

WASH Access to safe drinking water is being provided through water trucking services.
Over 1,200 toilets and showers were installed, upgraded or repaired in the sites

NFIs and Shelter Over 472,000 NFIs have been delivered to IDPs in sites, and more than 39,000 IDPs benefited from shelter interventions

Funding Gap:

The UN and partners are appealing for $95m to continue providing life-saving assistance and protection services to people displaced to IDP sites in rural Damascus as well as to people who have stayed in areas of east Ghouta.

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