Syria Cross-Border Humanitarian Fund: Second Standard Allocation 2020 - As of 31 December 2020

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The SCHF second standard allocation launched in October 2020 contributed to the COVID-19 and winterization response in northwest Syria. The initial envelope for the allocation - $13 million – was increased thanks to generous contributions from the SCHF donors. A total of $19.6* million was allocated, through the funding of 27 new projects and cost-extension of three projects originally funded under SCHF SA1 2020. Given the critical needs exceeding the resources available, the allocation prioritized life-saving assistance under two strategic objectives (SOs): SO1 Support immediate and critical measures to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and SO2 Contribute to most urgent life-saving winterization interventions in high-needs and underserved areas. A total of $10.8 million was allocated to 20 projects across six clusters to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and $6.8 million was allocated to 10 projects across three clusters supporting the most vulnerable people in need of winterization assistance. Projects funded under this allocation demonstrate strong complementarity and integration. The SCHF closed the year with a limited carry-over of $16.8 million and early contributions are much welcome in 2021 and allow for a new allocation as soon as possible to respond to serious funding gaps.

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