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Syria Crisis Weekly Humanitarian Situation Report : Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey - 13 September

Situation Report
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• The Syrian Ministry of Education (MoE) confirmed 16 September as the starting date of the new school year. The MoE reported that 801 schools are now hosting displaced families; an increase of 200 schools compared to last week.

• UNICEF Syria is supporting the light rehabilitation of 100 schools in Deraa, Rural Damascus and Lattakia, and is distributing 30,000 school-in-a-bag kits to children.

• UNICEF Jordan together with MoE has begun the registration of school age children in Za’atari camp, with over 1,150 children registered to date.

• 32,000 primary school-aged children from affected populations in Lebanon will be going to school on 24 September.

• In Syria, to date, UNICEF has provided access to 100,000 people to improved hygiene and 6,000 people to drinking water. 27,000 children benefited from psychosocial support; around 19,500 children are in remedial education programmes; and 285,000 children were vaccinated against measles. Mobile clinics that will provide healthcare for 175,000 people started on 2 September.

• In the surrounding countries, the number of registered refugees increased by 5 per cent from 193,584 to 202,729; more than 101,000 are children and more than 40,500 are children below the age of five. This does not include the many tens of thousands of children who are not registered as refugees. Most of the increase in registered refugees came in Iraq and Lebanon.

• In Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, more than 63,000 people are provided daily with access to safe water; 17,000 children are benefiting from psychosocial support; and around 21,000 students are in remedial education programmes.

• UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa completed a visit to Damascus and Beirut this week.