Syria crisis situation update (Issue 60), 30 September 2013

Regional Overview

Conflict is increasingly encroaching on UNRWA camps with shelling and clashes continuing to take place in and nearby a number of camps. A reported 1 Palestine Refugee (PR) was killed this week as a result. UNRWA estimates over 50% of registered PR are displaced either in Syria or to neighbouring countries.

Approximately 235,000 refugees are displaced in Syria with over 200,000 in Damascus, around 6,600 in Aleppo, 4,500 in Latakia, 3,050 in Hama, 6,450 in Homs and 13,100 in Deraa. 9,105 PR from Syria (PRS) have registered with UNRWA for assistance in Jordan and 45,000 in Lebanon. UNRWA tracks reports of 6,000 PRS in Egypt, 1,100 in Libya, 1,000 in Gaza, numbers Turkey and UNHCR reports up to 1000 fled to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

1: Situation summary

  • Despite considerable challenges UNRWA is continuing to deliver emergency relief, health and education services to PR across Syria.
  • Intermittent hostilities continued around Yarmouk and Sbeineh camps. Several shells impacted in Yarmouk reportedly killing 1 PR, in Qabr Essit camp reportedly injuring 3 children and in Sbeineh without related casualties.
  • A number of mortar rounds detonated near to UNRWAs Aleppo office during the week but with no reports of casualties. An alleged airstrike near Mzerieb village caused minor damage to an UNRWA school and health centre but again no casualties. Fuel was also stolen from UNRWA vehicles.
  • All 4 Area Offices and Syria Field Office in Damascus operational all week with most staff attending.
  • 8 staff members killed in the conflict, 17 staff currently detained or reported missing and 14 staff injured. 21 UNRWA vehicles stolen and not accounted for.
  • UNRWA has activated several emergency preparedness measures in response to the current situation to ensure the safety and security of its staff, continuity of operations and contingency for different situations. International staff remain in Damascus and, at this stage, the Agency does not plan any reduction or suspension of humanitarian operations


UNRWA is sheltering 8,506 individuals in 19 Agency facilities. 86% of these, 7,315 are PR (see table 1). UNRWA is continuing to shelter some of the highest numbers of IDPs in its facilities since the start of the year. A further 3,968 PR are being sheltered in 13 non-UNRWA facilities in Aleppo, Latakia and Damascus. Nearly 18,000 PR have been identified or approached UNRWA having fled from other areas:

  • 3,004 in Hama Camp from Yarmouk and Ein El Tal;
  • 6,420 in Homs Camp having fled Aleppo, Damascus and Homs countryside; and
  • 4,318 in Latakia camp having fled from Yarmouk and Ein El Tal.