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Syria crisis situation update (Issue 55), 22 July 2013

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Conflict is increasingly encroaching on UNRWA camps with shelling and clashes continuing to take place near to and within a number of camps. A reported 8 Palestine Refugees (PR) were killed in Syria this week as a result, highlighting their unique vulnerability, with refugee camps often theatres of war. At least 44,000 PR homes have been damaged by conflict and over 50% of all registered PR are now displaced, either within Syria or to neighbouring countries.

Approximately 235,000 refugees are displaced in Syria with over 200,000 in Damascus, around 6600 in Aleppo, 4500 in Latakia, 3050 in Hama, 6400 in Homs and 13,100 in Dera’a. 85,000 PR from Syria (PRS) have approached UNRWA for assistance in Lebanon and 8057 in Jordan. UNRWA tracks reports of PRS in Egypt, Turkey, Gaza and UNHCR reports up to 1000 fled to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

1 . Situation summary

· 14 July Humanitarian Convoy arrived in Aleppo with a four month of supply of medicines, hygiene equipment and essential supplies for Palestine refugees.

· Despite the considerable challenges UNRWA is continuing to deliver emergency relief, health and education services to PR across Syria.

· A reported 8 PR were killed: 6 in Yarmouk camp as a result of shelling and clashes, 1 in Dera’a camp and 1 in Sit Zeynab as a result of shelling. Staff member detained in central Syria and one released in northern Syria after being kidnapped early July.

· Area and Field Offices in Damascus operational all week with most staff attending.

· 7 UNRWA staff members have been killed in the conflict and 15 UNRWA staff are currently being detained or have been reported missing. 20 vehicles stolen and still not accounted for.


As of 14 July 2013 UNRWA is sheltering over 8500 (+183) Syrians in 19 Agency facilities. Of this 7055 (+69) are PR (see table 1). This follows a fairly constant trend since April ranging from 8005 to a high of 8400 in May. The number of IDPs in UNRWA facilities has not varied greatly since the beginning of the year with the lowest figure 7571 recorded in early January. A further 4389 (+95) PR are being sheltered in 10 non-UNRWA facilities in Aleppo, Latakia and Damascus. Nearly 18,000 PR have also been identified or approached UNRWA in different camps having fled from other areas in Syria including:

· 3004 in Hama Camp from Yarmouk and Ein El Tal;

· 6420 in Homs Camp having fled Aleppo, Damascus and Homs countryside; and · 4318 in Latakia camp having fled from Yarmouk and Ein El Tal.
The Agency continues to provide regular food, NFI and health assistance to registered and known PR if they have approached the Agency whether they are in UNRWA or non-UNRWA facilities.