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Syria Crisis Monthly Humanitarian Situation report, August 2015: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt



  • In the weeks following the reporting period, the Syria crisis has literally reached the shores of Europe. The majority of refugee families seeking asylum in Europe in the last months are from Syria. These families have made the difficult decision to take extreme action putting their lives at risk to reach safe haven. The refugee crisis in Europe will only worsen if greater efforts are not made to end the protracted conflict in Syria and address the humanitarian and longer term needs of the millions affected by the violence.

  • UNICEF and partners are taking forward the next phase of the No Lost Generation (NLG) initiative in alignment with existing plans (HRP Syria, 3RP and HRP Iraq). The three pillars of the NLG (education, child protection and adolescents and youth) are sustained by the following programmatic shifts: longer term programs which address both humanitarian and development needs; expanded collaboration between public and private sector to foster effective national delivery systems; renewed focus on livelihoods and social protection systems; promote specific social cohesion models having youth at the center of the efforts.

  • UNICEF has published the “Education under fire” report which highlights the factors that hinder education for 13 million students in the region and in particular 2 million inside Syria and 700,000 in neighboring refugees host countries.

  • In Syria, in the month of August, UNICEF has supported an additional 1,437,239 people with access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation services through rehabilitation and maintenance of public water infrastructures in Rural Damascus, Damascus, Dar’a, Al-Hassakeh, Hama, Homs, Idleb and Lattakia thus exceeding its target for the year (6,000,000) by more than 850,000 beneficiaries.