Syria Crisis Monthly humanitarian situation report - 18 March – 17 April 2014: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 17 Apr 2014


• During the reporting period, UNICEF participated in four inter-agency convoys in Syria, reaching 2,800 families in Douma, in Rural Damascus; 3,500 families in Sarmada and 4,000 families in Saraqib in Idleb; as well as 3,000 families in Termalleh and 1,000 in Al Ghanto, in Homs.

• The UNICEF-led WASH Sector organized a nationwide workshop from 7-9 April in Damascus bringing together 150 participants from across the country. During the reporting period, UNICEF and ICRC provided chlorine supplies for the purification of public water supplies, benefitting approximately 16.9 million people.

• On 30 March, Ministry of Health of Iraq declared the first polio outbreak in the country since 2000. UNICEF continues to support the on-going polio campaigns for all children under 5, with the most recent campaign having been held 6-10 April with preliminary results showing 5.2 million children vaccinated.

• Preliminary results from the April polio vaccination campaign in Syria show an estimated 2.9 million children reached. A round of vaccinations was also undertaken in Lebanon in April with results pending.

• UNICEF has supported 61,490 children (including 17,957 vulnerable Lebanese children) to enrol in public schools, with over 139,000 children supported by the sector. This is an increase from 114,000 children in February. UNICEF has also provided non-formal education for 29,713 children in 2014.