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Syria Crisis: IOM Achievement Report 2020

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After 10 years. the crisis in Syria continues to affect the lives of milions. In 2020. more than 6.5 million people remained internally displaced across the country, while nearly 5.6 million live as refugees in neighboring countries.

Of those displaced inside Syria. 2.7 millions are located in the country's northwest region — where over half the population reside in emergency shelters. and access to safe water, food, and livelihoods is minimal.

Humanitarian conditions in northwest Syria (IVWS) continued to deteriorate throughout the year. reading levels last seen at the peak of the 10 year conflict. The average price of a food basket increased by 236% in 2020. and a majority of Syrians reported being unable to meet their basic household needs.

Across the region, refugees and host communities in Turkey. Lebanon. Jordan. and Iraq continued to face challenges accessing sustainable livelihoods and basic services, even as host governments and partners worked to provide resources. Conditions both across the region and in Syria were made worse due to the COVID-I9 pandemic.

Vulnerable households lacked basic supplies to help mitigate their risks of transmission, and often lived in crowded environments where physical distancing was less feasible. The economic impacts of Iockdowns father limited access to livelihoods, reducing peoples' ability to meet their basic needs and in some cases fueling local tensions.


10M continued to work with a wide network of international and local partners to delve- Iifesaving assistance to those in need within and outside Syria's borders. Pregame were coordinated with the communities they saved, and aimed to address urgent needs while supporting longer-term resilience.

In 2020. 10M and its partners assisted more than one million individuals in Syria through a robust crossborder response. An-other 850D00 refugees and host community members were sup-ported in Turkey. Lebanon. Jordan, and Iraq. where IOM works closely with host governments and local partners to provide integrated services and help build re6 lent communities.

In Syria, IOM worked through its partners on the ground to ensure multi-sector assistance reached those most in need. Through its hub in Gaziantep. Turkey. 10M facilitated the provision of non-food items (NFIs), emergency shelters. safe water. sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities. camp coordination and camp management (CCCM) services, food security. protection and outreach activities, health screenings and short term work opportunities.

I0M also continued to support affected populations and the humanitarian community through hosting the country-wide Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) Program and providing needs-based capacity baking and information management services.