Syria Crisis Humanitarian Response Common Planning Framework 2014

Syria Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan / Syria Regional Response Plan

As the conflict in Syria enters its fourth year, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating further. The crisis is resulting in growing internal displacement and adding to refugee outflows, generating increased needs across all sectors, straining the capacities of the neighboring countries, and driving profound regional consequences.

The impact and cost of the crisis has exceeded all previous benchmarks. Neighbouring countries face a rising cost of living and competition for livelihoods, pushing some vulnerable host communities deeper into poverty and straining social cohesion. National exchequers feel the strain of maintaining basic service provision to their own citizens as well as to refugees. Given the protracted nature of this multi-dimensional crisis, life-saving humanitarian interventions must be comprehensively accompanied by early recovery and development investments to restore services to pre-crisis levels, to stimulate employment, assure long-term macro-economic support to national economies and provide budgetary support to narrow fiscal gaps.

Governments, donors, international financial institutions, humanitarian, development and private sector actors should come together to develop a shared regional comprehensive strategy to achieve such a concerted response to the crisis. This combined effort will support national leadership of the response in each country, strengthen individual and collective resilience and provide longer-term development accompaniment of SHARP and RRP6 efforts to meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable Syrians, refugees and host communities. The comprehensive regional strategy also promotes the development of analytical tools for decision-making, for gap analysis, for strategic monitoring and for targeting of efficient and effective crisis response actions. Several governments have already initiated consultative processes which will define national resilience and stabilization plans in the near future.

During 2014, the Syrian Arab Republic Humanitarian Assistance Response Plan (SHARP) and Regional Response Plan 6 (RRP6) will address these increasing humanitarian needs in Syria and the neighboring countries. The overall budgetary requirements for the Syria crisis are US$ 6.5 billion, of which $2.27 billion represents requirements for the 2014 SHARP and $4.2 billion for the RRP6.

Both plans are strategic and flexible. However, it is important to note that the operating environments, humanitarian needs and target groups for both differ.

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