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Syria Crisis Dashboard (January 2016)


Inside Syria UNICEF is scaling up Whole of Syria operations to respond to the recent escalation of conict and displacement, with the response from all three operational hubs. In Aleppo, operations include water trucking to 4,000 people in Haramein camp and Azaz city, and health and nutrition supplies were pre-positioned in eastern Aleppo city. In Dara city UNICEF has provided emergency health kits for 35,000 people in 6 clinics and hygiene kits for 45,000 people.

In the countries hosting Syrian refugees UNICEF programmes have supported over 53,000 families with multi-purpose cash assistance across Jordan and Iraq. A further 18,300 people in Turkey received emergency cash or cash-voucher assistance to meet their needs over the cold winter months.

In Lebanon between December 2015 and January 2016, 90,000 Syrian refugee children in informal settlements received one-time USD 40 winter cash grant.