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Syria crisis condemns family to nomadic life

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Two years since fleeing Syria, Rafan and his family are still enduring an unsettled life on the move without access to basic needs.

They escaped to Jordan where they now live in a tent – four adults and three children - which provides little respite from the cold nights.

They spend their lives wandering from one place to the next, hoping that they will eventually be able to return home.

Rafan is better off than most refugees in that he has been able to find work as a farm labourer, building greenhouses and growing fruit and veg, but life is still extremely tough.


Rafan thanks God that they have some food because of his work but the family are isolated and it’s difficult for them to get to know people, or get the children into school.

‘We’re happy here for now, but everyone wants to go back to their homeland,’ said Rafan. ‘We pray to God this will happen soon.’

With no end in sight to Syria’s conflict, the family plan to stay in their current location until the end of April and when the season changes, they will move on.

Tearfund partners are helping families like Rafan’s cope with life as refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, providing basic essentials, such as stoves and blankets.