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Syria Crisis: Bi-Weekly Situation Report No. 03 (as of 22 April 2016)



  • Fighting in Aleppo increases while relative calm continues to prevail in several parts of Syria

  • More than 40,000 displaced along Turkish/Syrian border

  • Conditions inside Yamouk Camp worsen

  • Further progress made in reaching hard-to-reach and besieged locations

  • Scoping mission to Darayya, undertaken; thousands of civilians in need

  • Evacuations for 515 people undertaken under Four Towns Agreement

Situation Overview

Since the 27 February cessation of hostilities agreement relative calm remains in many parts of Syria, despite increased fighting in some areas, particularly Aleppo.

An estimated 40,000 people were displaced in northern Syria after fighting between ISIL and NSAG east of the town of Azaz in northern Aleppo on 14 April.

As a precautionary measure, six camps for internally displaced persons [Ekkdeh, Al-Harameen, Bab Al-Iman, Sharmarin, Bab Al-Nour and Shamarik], approximately 40km north of Aleppo City and in close proximity to the Turkish border, were closed by camp management given their proximity to the front lines.

The displaced civilians, the vast majority from camps, headed to the town of Azaz, and the Bab Al-Salam and Sijjou IDP camps. As of 20 April, the majority of displaced people have settled around camps near the Bab al Salam border crossing point, in the open or under trees, or are staying with host families in Sijjou and nearby camps.

Some are staying in Azaz town, Afrin, or have moved to rural areas in western Aleppo.
Following the displacement, the Camp Coordination and Management Cluster (CCCM) rapidly reactivated the Azaz Task Force, conveying an emergency meeting on 15 April to ensure a swift response.

Partners have distributed food baskets and basic necessities to thousands of newly displaced people and are preparing to scale up the response as required. The situation of people stranded in the open and humanitarian delivery to the area is a source of concern, and the UN continues to monitor the situation closely.

Taking into account the previous influx of over 75,000 internally displaced people into the Azaz Sub-district in the first two months of the year, humanitarian needs have increased significantly.

On 16 April, the Office for the Special Envoy for Syria led a scoping mission to the town of Darayya, where an estimated 4,000 people remain besieged by GoS forces. The mission did not include humanitarian supplies. The mission witnessed very dire humanitarian conditions, characterized by severe shortages of food, medicines, medical equipment and supplies, health facilities and personnel.

This was the first time the UN accessed Darayya since 2012 despite many requests being made to the Syrian authorities. Following the mission, and based on its findings, the Humanitarian Coordinator submitted on 21 April another request to access Darayya with assistance for 4,000 people.


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