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Syria Crisis Bi-Weekly Humanitarian Situation Report Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, 22 February 2013

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• SYRIA: UNICEF has begun a massive scale-up of mobile health services, increasing the number of teams it supports from 8 to 50, and increasing their geographic coverage from 6 to 12 governorates. The scale-up began last week, and will continue through March, targeting some 280,000 children. However critical funding gaps are hindering UNICEF’s ability to scale up and sustain results for children.

• LEBANON: As part of a major scale up effort, UNICEF has initiated 24 new partnerships with local and international NGOs, covering the areas of health, education, WASH, and child protection.

• JORDAN: Critical funding shortfalls threaten UNICEF’s operations for Syrian refugees in Jordan, with just 9 per cent of the requested funds received. Without additional resources, UNICEF will be forced to scale back on even life-saving interventions, especially WASH.

• IRAQ: As of 20 February 2013, a total of 94,988 Syrian refugees are living in Iraq, a number which exceeds the planning figure initially projected to be reached by June. If recent trends continue, the ‘worst case scenario’ plan is likely to be activated.

• TURKEY: Funding shortfalls are hindering efforts to support education for all school-aged children in existing camps, with concerns needs in Education and Child Protection are also not being addressed in host communities due to lack of resources.

• REGION: Refugee flows continue to increase, with some 5,000 Syrians fleeing the country every day, according to UNHCR. 862,819 Syrians are registered or awaiting registration in neighbouring countries, and many more choose not to register. Meanwhile, funding shortfalls remain dire.