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Syria Crisis Bi-Weekly Humanitarian Situation Report: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey - 8 November 2012

Situation Report
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• SYRIA: Eid ceasefire in Syria did not materialise, with continued deterioration of security. Some 1.5 million doses of measles vaccine are being procured for the upcoming measles campaign. In Syria, to date, UNICEF has provided access to 107,000 people to improved hygiene and 6,000 people to drinking water; 32,000 children benefited from psychosocial support; around 23,000 children are in education programmes; and 285,000 children have been vaccinated against measles.

• JORDAN: UNHCR, UNICEF & partners identify and register 797 separated/unaccompanied children in Za’atri camp, host communities and transit sites. UNICEF and Mercy Corps have finished drilling the first of two boreholes in Za'atari camp.

• IRAQ: Al-Qaim’s border has been closed again, preventing refugees from entering Iraq.

• LEBANON: To date, 7,543 children have been enrolled in schools as part of the Back to School Initiative.

• TURKEY: Camp authorities have begun building shelters from fire-proof materials.

• REFUGEES: In surrounding countries, the number of registered refugees increased by 10 per cent from 274,712 to 303,241; some 157,685 are children and around 57,616 are children under five. This does not include the many tens of thousands of children not registered as refugees. Most of the increase in registered refugees came in Lebanon and Turkey. In Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, around 89,500 people have been provided with access to safe water; around 19,500 children have benefitted from psychosocial support; and 28,500 have benefitted from access to education.