Syria: Complex Emergency Emergency Plan of Action Operation Update n° 14 (MDRSY003)


This operations update provides a summary of key results achieved against objectives of the IFRC Syria Complex Emergency Appeal from 01 January 2017 until November 2017. As of October 2017, the number of people in Syria affected by the crisis, in urgent need of humanitarian assistance is still more than 13 million.

This Operations Update extends the timeframe of of the Emergency Appeal (MDRSY003) until 31 December 2018 in order to continue supporting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in providing life- saving assistance to conflict-affected people in Syria.

The plan and budget for the Emergency Appeal will be revised in the first quarter of 2018, based on a comprehensive review of the operation that will begin in January. The review will analyse the relevance, effectiveness and overall quality of the Emergency Appeal response to date, consider lessons learned and provide a roadmap for the future of IFRC support for the coming years.

The 2017 operational budget of CHF 49.7 million is 72% funded, thanks to the continued efforts of the IFRC partners. Yet, the IFRC Syria operational plan and budget have a significant funding gap of CHF 13.9 million for objectives that remain highly relevant in 2018, and are in line with SARC’s priorities for response, recovery and the requisite institutional capacity.

With this 12-month extension, IFRC will continue to mobilize resources towards the targets outlined in the current plan and budget. Current urgent funding priorities are to secure an ongoing supply of relief contingency stocks, medical stocks, and sustained capacity of the IFRC Syria office structure in 2018.

Partners are encouraged to make funding commitments for the 2018 period, and contribute towards the immediate funding priorities to facilitate a timely procurement and operational priorities towards the beginning of 2018 2017 was characterized by institutional and operational reorganization for both the IFRC Syria office and for SARC. IFRC adjusted its strategies and operational approaches to overcome the challenges with the import of relief and medical stocks which continued from 2016 hindering the IFRC implementation levels during the first months of 2017. Positive outcomes mid-2017 continue to boost operational progress in the second half of the year.

The planned review for the Emergency Appeal is expected to identify further opportunities for improvement and streamlining of operations the coming years.