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Syria: 3RP Regional Quarterly Update - December 2015: Shelter

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In Iraq, the total shelter capacity of the ten refugee camps is 19,120 shelter units. Of these, 16,003 (83 per cent) were improved (provided with a concrete slab, kitchen, family latrine, and shower) of which 14,540 are occupied. Around 69,000 refugees are now benefiting from improved shelters in the camps. A total of 2,046 new shelter units have been constructed during 2015.

In Jordan, to ensure camp site planning standards are met and service roads are accessible for service delivery there is a relocation project in Zaatari. In addition to assisting refugees to organize their household plot layout to maximize the usage of space and improve their living condition, 362 households were relocated through December, raising the total number of relocated households to 2,824 up to date.
Under the Address System Project, 1,766 Plots have been allocated address numbers serving 9,473 refugees.

In Lebanon, shelter sector agencies reported much higher numbers of completions in December than during previous months. Therefore, the achievements in 2015 versus the remaining gaps to reach the targeted figures evened out in some of the main shelter activities. Overall in Lebanon, the Shelter Sector was 45 per cent funded and achieved 50 per cent of its indicator achievement targets for 2015.

Within the informal settlements (IS) in Lebanon large amounts of material were distributed during November and December so makeshift shelters could better resist eventual harsh weather conditions during winter. Thanks to a generous funding of this activity, all needs in this regard could be covered. There are 1,942 informal settlements with at least four shelters in Lebanon, and the IS are home to around 16 per cent of refugee households in the country.