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Syria: 3RP Regional Quarterly Dashboard - September 2017: Shelter

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During 2017, some 49,800 households living inside and outside camps have been reached with shelter assistance and shelter upgrades. Some highlights of the Basic Needs Sector across the region in September include:

In Iraq, some 38 per cent of the Syrian refugee population lives in camps, where the sector’s main interventions take place. In camps almost 97 per cent (17,240) of shelter units were improved (by including concrete slabs, kitchens, family latrines and showers, walls of 60 cm height and a roof with tent) and works continue for the remaining 3 per cent (589 shelter units). Furthermore, 13,499 shelter units (75 per cent) have been upgraded (by raising walls to 2.8 m high and changing the roof-tent to a weatherproof roof). So far, four quick impact projects out of 14 (six health, three WASH, three education and one community-based project) were completed and the remaining are under implementation to which the shelter sector has provided technical support and has monitored the implementation. In Jordan, the recently implemented vulnerable shelter support programme, which aims to provide the most vulnerable households, living in very substandard conditions, with direct shelter repairs and maintenance, is ongoing.